How do the oceans move? Sasha Wright explains the science behind the phenomenon in a cool TED-Ed animation!


I saw this statement posted on Laughing Squid the other day and it intrigued me:

“Our Earth, covered by 71% water, moving in one enormous current around the planet.”

But how does it do it?

Well the answer to this question is Janet and John‘ed in a TED-Ed animated lecture, where TED educator Sasha Wright explains the physics behind our oceans’ concentration gradient, and how that causes the contents of any given ocean to fight over space.

According to Wright:

The constant motion of our oceans represents a vast and complicated system involving many different drivers. Sasha Wright explains the physics behind one of those drivers — the concentration gradient — and illustrates how our oceans are continually engaging in a universal struggle for space…”

Lesson by Sasha Wright, animation by Andrew Foerster


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