Drone Surveillance of the Best Kind: Stunning images of a dolphin ‘stampede’ & Grey Whales captured by ‘drone cam’!


Another video doing the rounds is this one [Camera Equipped Drones Capture Stunning Footage of Stampeding Dolphins and Migrating Whales] where:

“Camera-equipped drones launched by Captain Dave Anderson of Captain Dave’s Dolphin and Whale Safari captured stunning footage of stampeding dolphins off of Dana Point, California and migrating whales in the waters of Maui, Hawaii.”

I must say I agree with National Geographic who like seeing drones being used this way:

“Whatever you think of drone technology, this may be one use that we can all agree on.”

This birds-eye view of a  a pod of hundreds of common dolphins (Delphinus delphis) which typically live and play togther in large ‘super-pods’,  and three grey whales (Eschrichtius robustusdemonstrates what can happen when technology is innovated and adapted. 

Imagine the potential in addition to observation….. Management of marine mammals and other large fauna? Monitoring of endangered species? Population studies?

I am thinking New Zealand Sealions here 😛


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