Precision Seafood Harvesting to be unveiled at NZ Seafood Conference… I have been awaiting the unveiling of this. Very exciting!


I must say I am looking forward to seeing the the first underwater pictures of the New Zealand developed world’s first  ‘Precision Seafood Harvesting’  which is being unveiled at the 2013 NZ Seafood Industry Conference by Seafood New Zealand chairman Eric Barratt next Tuesday (at SkyCity, Auckland, 1 October 2013), which happens to coincide with day 1 of the New Zealand Fishing year.

All I have been told about this ‘Precision Seafood Harvesting’  technology is that the revolutionary new fishing method involves a solid codend. I am also told that this “transformational harvesting technology, developed by Sanford, Sealord and Aotearoa Fisheries Ltd, promises to have a profound impact on the way fish is caught.

I am also looking forward (of course) to the opening address by Sustainable Fisheries Partnership founder and CEO Jim Cannon about  “sustainable seafood” as a market proposition, its place in the purchasing decisions of branded food and food service companies and why it matters to them.

The Seafood New Zealand Website has the programme details for those attending or intending to attend (click banner below):



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