Monsanto’s Dirty Dozen: Reblog from GMO-Awareness

What’s My Point

My point is this – I read this post by GMO-Awareness and thought I should share it. I am aware that the post paints a diabolical picture of Monsanto, it is not the reason why I shared this. GMO foods, bio-chemical additives, and the many other adverse aspects of modern mass food production have been ignored by consumers for too long.

I am increasingly aware of the harm this mass-consumer food production is having on our general health and well-being, with non-communicable diseases being the ‘new’ killer of western populations.

At Greenfishbluefish I’ve long advocated the health benefits of eating natural wild caught seafood – on the caveat of course that this wild resource is responsibly and sustainable harvested, and pro-actively managed in order to continue to provide for marine ecosystems.

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