Greenpeace: their veracity called into question… once again


According to an editorial published this morning (19 April 2013) by Natalia Real on FIS the National Fisheries Institute (NFI) is accusing Greenpeace of lying about US retailers’ seafood sustainability practices, and thus challenging reporters to interview Greenpeace before “regurgitating” the information in its press releases.

NFI’s complaints follow an education initiative launched last March, allegedly documenting “ongoing manipulation of facts, self-serving tactics and ulterior financial motives behind Greenpeace’s annual seafood sustainability survey and ranking of US grocers.”

According to a statement released by the NFI:

The unscientific survey and report has become the embodiment of media groundhog day and white noise for those involved in real sustainability efforts.”

They are calling on reporters to ask Greenpeace questions if they receive a press release pertaining to this issue.

    • The first question they want answered regards a Greenpeace report, which according to NFI encourages US consumers to “eat less fish” to “help lessen the pressure on our oceans.” The NFI claims that seafood consumption can prevent deaths and wants reporters to ask Greenpeace whether it knows about this and cares at all about the health of US consumers.
    • Another question is related to the Greenpeace’s unwillingness to reveal the methodology used in its grocers survey.

The NFI also recommends asking the group how it would ensure there is enough affordable pole and line tuna to meet consumer demand and what kind of environmental impact studies the group has done on its recommended sourcing methods and how they would affect the cost of canned tuna.

Besides, the NFI suggests Greenpeace is trying to scare the public by lying about the health of tuna stocks to raise funds and wonders how much of its budget goes to research versus publicity.

Furthermore, it questions the fact that a big amount of money from its Rainbow Warrior III donor money should have been used and wonders if it would not have been better to use those resources on research and sustainability efforts.

The new Rainbow Warrior (Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior III) during sea trials.

The new Rainbow Warrior (Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior III) during sea trials.

The editorial also poses the questions:

According to Real the NFI finds it difficult to understand whether the group expects that experts in sustainability of the public should take Greenpeace seriously if its activists wear costumes at demonstrations.

The NFI claims that Greenpeace is a “science-averse” organisation that only cares about fundraising.

National Fisheries Institute

NFI  is a non-profit organization dedicated to education about seafood safety, sustainability, and nutrition. From vessels at sea to your favorite seafood restaurant, our diverse member companies bring delicious fish and shellfish to American families. NFI promotes the US Dietary Guidelines that suggest Americans include fish and shellfish in their diets twice per week for longer, healthier lives.

NFI and its members are committed to sustainable management of our oceans and being stewards of our environment by endorsing the United Nations’ Principles for Responsible Fisheries. Our investment in our oceans today will provide our children and future generations the health benefits of a plentiful supply of fish and seafood tomorrow.

From responsible aquaculture, to a marketplace supporting free trade, to ensuring the media and consumers have the facts about the health benefits of fish and shellfish, NFI and its members support and promote sound public policy based on ground truth science.


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