Bottlenose dolphin approaches divers to free it from an entangled fishing line


I saw this piece of footage and just had to share it…  It is indicative of not only the special relationship between humans and dolphins; but of the self awareness of dolphins. This can be seen here when this particular dolphin is totally aware that the best way to remove the line would be to approach a person.

The footage is of a bottlenose dolphin approaching a group of divers on a night swim off Kona last week (11th Jan). The divers were watching manta rays feeding on plankton when the bottlenose dolphin came seeking help with an entangled  fishing line between its mouth and left pectoral fin (which prevented it from moving its head to the right).

The dolphin, which appeared to have its movement restricted by the line, swims up to one of the dive instructors with the group, who cuts the dolphin free from the line.

According to the New Zealand Herald:

The rescue team were professional divers that have thousands of hours under water at this location. We have helped Manta Rays with entanglement and removing fish hooks many times, so when the dolphin showed its need, the rescuer knew exactly what to do.”

It seemed that way. I noticed the diver had a pair of clippers with him. Glad he did. =)

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